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Sellers :

  • I'll work to get you the highest price for your property. we'll work to have the best terms for your needs, because you are my top priority.

  • I'll work quickly and efficiently.

  • I have qualified buyers, leads and new prospects sent to me daily via a multitude of mediums. 

  • With my team, I can help improve and create excitement for the buyers to make your property the unicorn (standout) property.

  • You get the final say in any and everything done concerning your property. once we land the sale with the terms and agreements, we celebrate!

Seller Agency:

  • Preparation of competitive market analysis

  • MLS Listing with photos and virtual tours

  • Staging of the home for photos and open houses to ensure highest and best interest

  • Advertising and Promotions

Buyers :

  • I'd never sell anything I wouldn't want myself (unless you specifically ask for something) It's very important that you enjoy your purchase.

  • My goal is to negotiate the best terms with the seller on your behalf.

  • My team of lenders, title companies, attornies, contractors and designers are available to help you with your needs

  • I'll always work to provide you with updates as soon as they come to me.

Buyers agency :

  • You'll never have to visit a property alone. Myself or someone from my team will always be available for you.

  • I'll always have comparables for you in the area you're most attracted to to help with your decision on an offer.

  • Close work with the Buyer and Seller teams to make sure everything is executed at the terms agreed upon for closing.

  • Full listings of properties available in the Multiple Listing Service.