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All About The Plants

Ever thought about becoming a plant parent? Whether you want a jungle, a garden, or just a single plant, we are here to talk plants...

Adding a plant to your home could enhance the overall ambiance of the place. Plants have many other benefits. Let's go over a few.

Benefits of Adding Plants To Your Home

1.) Boost your mood, productivity, and concentration

2.) Reduce stress, fatigue, and colds.

3.) Help clean indoor air by absorbing toxins and releasing oxygen.

4.) Are therapeutic to care for.

Common Plants To Start Your Plant Family

  • Snake Plants - has thin leaves that resemble the skin of a reptile.

  • Pothos - "Cubicle Plant" - shown to filter benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.

  • ZZ Plant - extremely low maintenance and dry tolerant. Ideal for newbies.

  • Bird's Nest Fern - Characterized by rippled edge fronds that grow out of a nest-like crown.

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