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Black's Law Dictionary Pt 1

Hey y'all!

So today on Clubhouse we had an AMAZING conversation about why Credit is King in America.

Myself, Nitty of NittyKorn Invesments and some amazing partners of mine gave some insight into what it takes to have better credit.

Those people were Clarissa, Mike The Credit Guy, Paris Chanel, Unkl Dru, Shanetta, Madam Jay and Brittany Hogan

Along with that insight, they informed the room about Black's Law Dictionary, which is like, the most widely used law dictionary in the United States!

If there wasn't a better time to get serious about knowing your rights, I'd say now was the time.

Attached below you'll find PART 1 of this series. Read up and get the knowledge you deserve.

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The Unicorn of Real Estate

- Serenity 🦄


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Blacks 1st
Download ZIP • 314.34MB

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