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Front Door Colors - What do they mean?

If you know me, you know that colors light up my world! They tell so much about your personality or your mood without you having to utter a word.

Your front door to your home is just as telling. What color are you using on the door, and what do you want people to know about your style of living?

Let's explore:

1. Orange Doors

Social and always down for a good time! Your neighbors definitely know your name!

2. Red Doors

A red door says that you enjoy the attention it brings but you're also welcoming. By tradition, a red door signaled a hospitable home.

3. Blue Doors

A blue door symbolizes peace. If you're into Chakras, this door would represent the Root Chakra, meaning your well grounded and true to yourself. You thrive off of transparancy

4. Gray Doors

Being in the gray area is pretty common for us in every day life. Not really knowing the answers. Being a little lost and indecisive. If you paint your door gray, compromising is important to you and you'd rather not have to decide on anything more.

5. Green Doors

Green doors suggest tradition and financial stability (hence the color green). The people living there are go getters and are always looking to improve themselves.

6. Wood Doors

If you see a wooden door, more than likely they are very kind and sweet. A nurturing home that is very hospitable.

7. Black Doors

A black door speaks power and opulence. There may not be room for error when visiting a friend with a black door, as order is important to them. Minimalistic and luxurious.