Home Buying For First Time Buyers (Part 6)

Don't rent if you can buy. It's much better to own than to borrow. Today we will be going over the next steps in buying a home.

Step Six: Inspection

During an inspection, an inspector checks the home to make sure there aren't any faults. They check appliances, the electricity, roofing, and etc. This is to assure there aren't any health hazards or things that the seller needs to fix before selling the home. If there are any damages that aren't resolved prior to closing, the seller no longer has an obligation to correct them.

Ask For Repairs and Credits:

After getting inspection results you should ask your seller to correct them as we discussed above. You can do this in a couple of ways:

  • Ask for a discounted price considering the errors

  • Ask the seller to give you credit to cover some of your closing costs

Do a final walkthrough.

Even if you are fully committed to the property, you should do a final walkthrough. This is to ensure that the seller has made all necessary repairs. Make sure there aren't any personal belongings of the seller left behind, and that all of your systems are working properly.

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