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Dual Licensed Realtor in Atlanta and Chicago

Serenity Marie, The Unicorn of Real Estate is here to stand out. The Investor's Realtor, Serenity represents the buy side, project manages the rehabs and represents the sell side. She holds her license with A. Progeny Global LLC in Chicago, Illinois and Norman & Associates in Atlanta, Georgia. In her 3 years of being a licensed realtor, has has flipped 10 properties and made over 6 million in sales between the two staes.

Serenity is an educator, influencer and public speaker who has reached over 10,000 people. This is continuously done through mindset seminars, workshops and networking events. She's taught teens and young adults the importance of self awareness and creating digital footprints that can create streams of income. she's also curated over 15 virtual seminars  about real estate and the steps it takes to own property. Helping individuals create and maintain generational wealth is is a huge deal for Serenity. Changing the status quo from being the last one to know, to being the one who knows first, Her  clients are very important. She'll go the extra mile to make sure they get what they are searching for. 

NittyKorn Serenity Barren Realtor Atlanta Realtor Chicago Realtor
NittyKorn Serenity Barren Realtor Atlanta Realtor Chicago Realtor
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