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Happy New Year! From Ya Fave Unicorn |Pick A New Realtor

New Year, New Housing market Predictions

After a year full of record-high interest rates and home prices, experts expect affordability to (finally) improve slightly in 2024.


Experts predict interest rates will slowly decline from their recent high of nearly 8% — with the average 30-year fixed rate even falling near 6% by the end of the year. However, inflation is still the wild card that could change everything. Whether mortgage rates will actually trend down in 2024, and by how much, depends on the path the Federal Reserve takes in its fight against inflation.

Lower mortgage rates will definitely improve affordability. However, as a result, this will entice more homebuyers to return to the market, leading to an increase in demand.

Unfortunately, this will likely result in higher home prices, benefiting sellers more than buyers.

Moreover, experts predict home prices to rise every year through 2027:


Store Holiday decor in labeled bins

Change refrigerator water filter

replace shower curtain liners

Clean bathroom tub and sink drains

(pour baking soda & vinegar)

Check basement for leaks during thaws

Clean out & organize closets

Clean out kitchen cabinets

Flip mattresses over

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